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Cultural Diversity Training

What is Cultural Diversity Training?


For the past 30 years, the Spring Institute has been helping organizations and employees raise cultural diversity awareness to new levels and develop skills that enable them to meet the challenges inherent in a culturally diverse workplace.


We assumes a broad definition of "cultural diversity" which includes ethnicity, age, gender, physical abilities and challenges, experience, education, socio/economic background, geographic background, affectional/sexual preference and other areas.


We Tailor Our Training to Your Needs:

Why Cultural Diversity Training?


Mutual respect must be fostered for an organization or company to benefit from its diversity and create an inclusive working environment. Cross-cultural information needs to be shared. Appropriate cultural management and team skills must be practiced, and skills like cross- cultural communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution have to be a high priority.


Cultural Diversity Training can benefit you by:


  • Creating efficient internal communication
  • Developing a positive relationship with staff or employees from different  cultures
  • Raising awareness of cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Increasing overall productivity and profitability


How Do We Train?


Please contact Myrna Ann Adkins, for more information, or call 303-863-0188.




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