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The following English Language Teaching resources are directly available for download. Printed copies can be ordered by mailing an order form to: Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning - ELT Project, 1610 Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80218 or by emailing Burna Dunn. Click the headers for title, author(s), year or category to sort.

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TitleAuthor(s)Category Year

[+] Twitter for Teachers: How to use Twitter to Grow Personally and Professionally Dr. Sarah Elaine EatonTechnology 2012
[+] SKYPE for Literacy and Languges Learning: How to Tips and Best Practices for Teachers Dr. Sarah Elaine EatonTechnology 2012
[+] Immigrant Women's Health Stories Project Susan Downs-KarkosHealth 2011
[+] Why can't Johnny read after 40 years? Gaye HorneFamily Literacy 2011
[+] Parent Engagement Gaye HorneFamily Literacy 2011
[+] Immigrant Children and Youth: Enabling Their Success at School Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLAEducation, Mental Health, Youth 2011
[+] ESL Learners in the Workplace: Using Critical Incidents to Develop Problem-Solving Skills Suzanne Saenz and Barbara SampleWorkplace 2011
[+] Managing Stress to Improve Learning, Program Notes January 2011 New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education, Inc.Mental Health, Newsletter 2011
[+] In A Nutshell: Teaching Tips for New Teachers of Low Level ESL Learners Bronwyn BowenTeacher Training 2011
[+] Managing Stress to Improve Learning, Program Notes June 2011 New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education, Inc.Mental Health, Newsletter 2011
[+] Managing Stress to Improve Learning, Program Notes October 2011 Compiled by Lenore Balliro, World EducationMental Health 2011
[+] A Brief Introduction: The Teacher Education and Action Research SIG Chris Tombari and Gaye HorneCurriculum, Adult Education, Action Research, SIG, Classroom Inquiry 2011
[+] WorkWise Pre-Employment Training (slides to a webinar) Rachel Graci and Donna KappLow Level Literacy 2011
[+] 41 Tips for ESL Teachers Anna SillimanTeacher Training 2011
[+] How Long Does It Take to Learn a Second Language Dr. Sarah Elaine EatonLanguage Learning 2011
[+] Need for Increased Integration of Technology and Digital Skills in the Literacy Field in Canada Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhDTechnology 2011
[+] Collaborating with Refugee Students for More Effective Instruction Diane PecoraroCurriculum, Eliciting Feedback 2010
[+] Advancing Teacher Development in Colorado Refugee Education Programs Janet Shriberg, EdDEducation, Teacher Development, Continuing Education, Action Research 2010
[+] ELT Newsletter, September 2009 Burna Dunn et alNewsletter 2009
[+] Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Care for Limited English Proficient Patients in Colorado Spring Institute and Colorado Progressive CoalitionHealth Literacy, Colorado Progressive Coalition 2009
[+] Working with Preliterate And Non-Literate Learners Colleen ShaughnessyPre-Literate 2008
[+] COSA: The Car Occupant Safety Awareness Project Spring Institute and IPC DallasSafety, Transportation 2007
[+] Syntax and 'Sin Tax' Bella HansonGrammar, Curriculum 2007
[+] Why is my teacher talking so much? Bella Hanson Curriculum, Classroom Management 2007
[+] Compass Points, October/November 2006 Burna Dunn Newsletter, WorkStyles 2006
[+] ELT Fact Sheet Burna Dunn et alFact Sheet, English Language Training 2006
[+] Beyond Citizenship: True Stories for the Civics Class Margaret SilverCitizenship, Civics 2006
[+] ELT Publications Order Form Order Form, English Language Training 2006
[+] Sample Lessons for Mercy Housing Booklet Laura Vance Housing, Curriculum 2005
[+] Refugee Children with Low Literacy Skills or Interrupted Education: Identifying Challenges and Strategies Dina Birman Education, Youth, Low Literacy 2005
[+] Mental Health Interventions for Refugee Children in Resettlement Dina Birman Joyce Ho Emily Pulley et alMental Health, Youth 2005
[+] Total Physical Response Margaret Silver, Barbara Adelman, Elisabeth PricePre-Literates, Curriculum 2003
[+] Bantu in Our Midst: A Resource for ELT Classrooms Spring Institute Pre-Literates, Curriculum 2003
[+] Hmong in Our Midst: A Resource for ELT Classrooms Spring InstitutePre-Literates, Curriculum 2003
[+] Bibliography of Citizenship and Civics Texts English Language & Literacy Center in St. Louis Citizenship, Civics 2002
[+] Curriculum for Citizenship English Language and Literacy Center in St. Louis Citizenshipm, Civis 2002
[+] Guidelines for Teachers Margaret SilverTeacher Training, Curriculum, Civics 2002
[+] Tips for Teachers During Times of Trauma Myrna Ann Adkins, Erik Harper et al Mental Health 2001
[+] Somali Youth Report Dina Birman & Edison J. TrickettCross Cultural, Youth 2001
[+] Listening Skills in the Workplace Allene Grognet & Carol Van Duzer Workplace, Employment, Listening 2000
[+] Mental Health of Refugee Children: A Guide for the ESL Teacher Dina Birman Mental Health, Youth 1999
[+] What Non-Readers or Beginning Readers Need to Know Shirley Brod Pre-Literates, Curriculum 1999
[+] Cultural Adjustment, Mental Health, and ESL Myran Ann Adkins, Dr. Dina Birman, Shirley Brod, Barbara Sample, Margaret SilverMental Health and Cultural Adjustment 1999
[+] Elderly Refugees and Language Learning Allene Guss GrognetElderly 1998
[+] Preparing Limited English Students for the Workplace and the SCANS Skills Allene Grognet Workplace, SCANS Plans, Employment 1998
[+] WorkStyles Pre-Employment for the Low Level English Speaker Barbara Sample Pre-employment 1998
[+] Project STAR: Recredentialing and Job-Upgrading for Refugee Professionals Margaret Silver and Barbara AdelmanWorkplace, Employment 1998
[+] ELT Program Self-Review Autumn Keltner Curriculum, English Language Training 1998
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio: Is That All There Is? Erik Erikson Workplace, SCANS Plans, Employment 1998
[+] ABC's for Tutors: 26 Teaching Tips Shirley Brod ELT Resources, Curriculum, Tutors 1998
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio - Active Listening Information Gap Barbara SamplePre-employability, SCANS plans, Active Listening 1998
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio: Applications Barbara SamplePre-employment, SCANS Plans 1998
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio: Active Listening - Listen, Repeat, Do Barbara Sample Active Listening, SCANS Plans 1998
[+] SCANS: The Missing Link Donna Price-Machado Workplace, SCANS Plans, Employment 1998
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio: Activities with Safety Picture Cards Shirley BrodWorkplace, SCANS Plans, Employment 1998
[+] Integrating Language, Employment, and Culture in the ESL Classroom Shirley Brod SCANS Plans, Employment, Workplace 1997
[+] Performance-Based Curricula and Outcomes Allene G. Grognet Curriculum, MELT, BEST 1997
[+] SCANS Plans Portfolio: Cooperating and Team Building Shirley Brod SCANS Plans, Team Building 1997

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